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Printing Information

Thank you for checking out our printing information

Below we have listed a few helpful tips and recommendations

Regarding printing our STL's!

Bigger Models

For bigger models like our buildings we recommend printing in FDM at a layer height of 0.20mm with an infill of 15-20%.


Smaller Models

Smaller models like the furnishings we recommend you print these in resin.

You shouldn't have much of a problem printing our smaller models in FDM as we have tested most of them with a later height of 0.20mm. Although we recommend printing them in resin if you are going to print them in FDM we recommend you don't print these models at a layer height higher than 0.20, we find the quality of the print is impacted negatively.

We find that resin gives a better quality print.

If you do find your having issues please reach out to us via the contact below and we will try our best to help you out!




Contact Us

Please send your feedback, comments, requests for technical support by email:

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