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Most sailors quake and shiver and that very thought and mention of the beast that lurks below, as they relive their haunted dreams and moments of waking up demoralized. The Kraken! A hulking horror of tentacles an teeth, possessing large soulless eyes that disturb even the imagination. A shocking and terrifying myth for those who have heard of such a creature. For those who say they have survived its grasp, life is nothing more than a living nightmare. One such man even claims to have wrestled it an survived completely unscathed. We do not believe such rumors of course, although it is fun to entertain the idea once in a while. Recently there has been discussion's between town folk about a recent occurrence. A few people recalled seeing the creature hoist a fully manned ship into the air with its tentacle's crushing and destroying all the lives on-board. I suggest not buying into the tall tales of the so called traumatized coast dwellers, to believe such things is madness. However on particularly cold and dark stormy nights like tonight, it's a good idea to not go dipping your toes into the murky waters below. Its probably nothing but those waters seem to want to drag you in deeper than you would like.

Kraken Dice Tower (STL)

  • Product Size: 237 x 138x 150mm

    We recommend printing in FDM.

    Supported version is provided for FDM printing.

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