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Meet our 16 friendly familiars:

  • Armored Ben the Badger
  • Sebastian the Snake
  • Carl the Crab
  • Selena the Seahorse
  • Sienna Spider
  • Harry the Hawk
  • Claud the Cat
  • Boris the Bat
  • Robert the Raven
  • Quill the Quipper
  • Riley the Rat
  • Lillian the Lizard
  • Walter the Weasel
  • Florence the Frog
  • Olive the Octopus
  • Oprah the Owl

Familiars Pack (STL)

  • 16 Familiars scaled to fit on a standard 1 inch base.

    For best results we recommend in resin, but they have been test printed in both FDM and resin.

    All models are either supportless or supported for FDM printing.

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