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Strong south westerly winds from the great 3rd storm of the Mistfall age, have intercepted the structural integrity design of more recent middle class properties. This home is one of such developments. Boasting a stalwart stone brick base and foundations. Its structure coated with enveloping dark olivewood beams holds this fine exterior together. Presenting itself as not only a perfect residential property, but also a solid means of investment. What once was used as a shelter for harsher weathers has now become an everyday basement, granted access from the outside via a trapdoor.

House with Furnishings (STL)

  • Product Size the following are for each floor:

    Floor 1: 101 x 102 x 54mm

    Floor 2: 91 x 173 x 39mm

    Roof 1: 96 x 175 x 99mm

    With 10+ unique furnishings.

    For best results we recommend printing the building and floors in FDM and Furnishings in resin.

    All models are either supportless or supported for FDM printing.

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