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The playable shop is a 2 story building featuring larged curved windowsand 2 entrances front and back.

28mm Playable with Furnishings comes with x1 of each of the furnishings shown.

The 14mm and 28mm version are solid non-playable models.



Click below for product story.

After many years of investment and property trading in towns, particularly with buildings that's structure had been created to with-take great storms. It was only a matter of time before cleaver entrepreneurs decided to turn a profit out of these buildings, in a new way. They did this by altering them into lavish and long lasting places of bartering. With little upkeep required on these sturdy stone works of construction, they focused primarily on the aesthetics to catch the eyes of punters perusing through town. Notice the Large curved bay windows on the front of the building with elegant frame work, this provides passersby with an excellent look into the store at all the purchasable goods within. Standing out greatly above all other places of trade. Situated around the ground floor of the building you will also find a collection of larger windows, created from a mix of cemented cobbled stones and rough woods. These accommodate more light and eyes to penetrate the shops thick walls. Needless to say in recent times places of trade like this have found themselves profiting from many a customer, an will likely proceed to do so for a long time.

Keree's Adventuring Emporium

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