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This product features a large area to bounce around your dice inside whilst you roll. Designed to look like the top of a living tree creature.





Click below for product story.

You awaken. Scared and alone in the middle of a dark forest. The light of the moon has been strangled out by the closing in canopy above. As you stand up injured and bruised, you look around trying to get your bearings. Everywhere you look though black. Nothing but darkness and endless trees. Whispers roll through the air encapsulating your deepest fears that you are completely alone. Upon realizing your lost you begin to shake and shiver, your heart pounding as a cold sweat takes over. You have no food, no light, no idea of what to do. Suddenly! your eyes dart over to what you thought was movement in the shadows, panic and paranoia begin to set in. A freezing cold shiver begins to ride up the bruises laid across your back you feel weak and helpless. An overwhelming urge to throw up attacks as your entire being is lost to anxiety and fear. What was that! as you start creeping your way through the gripping vines that lay the ground, you swear you seen one of the trees move, are you losing mind? Possibly. Again! as a loud wooden crack! shatters the very air in which your struggling to breath. Emerging from the darkness, blocking your path, looming over you. An Ent. Normally guardians of the forest, this one though looks angry, twisted and possibly even cursed. It scowls in your direction. That sicking feeling has come back. Roll initiative.

Living Wood Dice Tray

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