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The Playable Radiant Hope Chapel features 3 floors. The ground floor, the rafters floors and the tower top. The ground floor features 3 rooms the central of which has the rafters floor above it and features large stainglassed windows. The unique playable rafters floor sits above the ground floor and allows dungeon masters to get the drop on thier unsuspecting players. Both the rafters floor and the tower of the chapel each have a removable roof for ease of use.



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The Raidant hope chapel. A beautiful name for a place that sparkels with life, faith and joy. Locals gather there to worship as a community, in the colourful stain glass lit assembly room. They spread words of healing and faith to help others in need and aim to bring a peace to the larger world and common cause to those who are lost. At least they did. Before the disapearances of course. Seems as though the recent reports over the past few months have spooked the locals leaving the chapel bare and cold. Some people claim to have seen holy basins filled with blood, shadows stalking them in the rafters above and even statues moving when they arnt looking. However, that is just local crazy talk. If you where to ask me i think some of the people who run the chapel are running a smuggeling operation through its crypt below. If your interested i could show you tonight. We would have to go when its dark and noboy is around. Dont be afarid you can trust me! The names Valana by the way.

Playable Radiant Hope Chapel 28mm

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