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Nothing thumps and pounds like the heart at the center of a tavern gathering. The joyful clinks of chalice and tankard across a tavern floor is a sound all look forward to at the end of a hard days work. A great tavern such as our one is easily noticed and stands out above all. Featuring a 3 story structure rippling details throughout its whole exterior. Many lattice windows and old but well kept wooden beams lend aid to its beautiful appearance. A classy balcony overhangs close to one of the entrances for the lucky guest staying in the room connected. All this whilst showcasing an exterior set of stone an wooden patterned stairs, that lead sleepy and most possibly drunken tavern goers to their rooms. This makes it an easy choice of residence for anyone looking for a place to stay or relax from the day. Atop the tavern boasts a huge exotic tiled roof with detailed wooden supports on either end. This rests on top of twisted wooden struts that hold up large intricately carved logs. Erupting from the top of the roof passers by may notice a small tower, granting a glorious look at the town below. The building has also been carefully constructed on top of a large smooth set of cobbled stones that also feature cellar access from the outside. All these complimentary details develop into the most popular place in town. A great tavern, such as ours, is one that is brightened by all the cheers and smiles from the people within.

Tavern with Furnishings (STL)

  • Product Size the following are for each floor:

    Floor 1: 103 x 232 x 78mm

    Floor 2: 268 x 206 x 51mm

    Floor 3: 292 x 295 x 52mm

    Roof 1: 297 x 160 x 67mm

    Roof 2: 78 x 67 x 50mm

    With 10+ unique furnishings.

    For best results we recommend printing the building and floors in FDM and furnishings in resin.

    All models are either supportless or supported for FDM printing.

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