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This physical Mega pack features all of our original buildings at 28mm playable scale and all of thier furnishings also includes The 4 townsfolk minis and a Town Decorations pack. Additionally this bundle comes with a Set of town Walls an 1 Kraken Dice Tower and 1 Living Wood Dice Tray.



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Includes the following 28mm playable buildings:

  • The Branbury Home x1
  • Keree's Adventuring Emporium x1
  • Zaris's Alembic Solutions x1
  • Zoboorol's Hammer and Steel x1
  • The Tipsy Coin Tavern x1
  • Summers Bridge x1


Includes the following Large Town Walls:

  • Straight Walls x4
  • Wall end caps x4
  • Corner Walls x2
  • Ladders x2
  • Main Gate x1


Includes the following TableTop Accesssories:

Kraken Dice Tower x1

Living Wood Dice Tray x1


Includes the following Minis:

  • Zaris The Alchemist x1
  • Keree The Merchant x1
  • Zoboorol The Blacksmith x1
  • Rosia The Barmaid x1


Includes the Following Town Decorations:

  • Market Stall  x2
  • Wishing Well  x1
  • Wagon  x2
  • Notice Board  x1
  • Lampost  x8
  • Obelisk  x1
  • Badger Statue  x1
  • Bench  x3
  • Direction Sign  x2
  • Shop/Street Sign  x2
  • Fountian  x1


Includes the Following Furnishings:


House Furnishings

  • House Bed x1
  • House Rectangle Table x1
  • House Teddy bear x1
  • House Wooden Chair x9
  • House Round Chair x2
  • House Wardrobe x1
  • House Bear Rug x1
  • House Cabinet x1
  • House Round Table x1
  • House Benches x1

Shop Furnishings

  • Shop Tools Box x1
  • Shop Rope Pile x1
  • Shop Cloths Unit x1
  • Shop Counter x1
  • Shop Chainmail Display x1
  • Shop Backpack x1
  • Shop Backpack Shelf x1
  • Shop Sacks Pile x1
  • Shop Display Unit x1
  • Shop 3 Locks Chest x1
  • Shop Bedrolls Pile x1
  • Shop Lockbox x1

Alchemist Furnishings

  • Alchemist Paper Crate x1
  • Alchemist Broken Jars Shelf x1
  • Alchemist Alchemy Station x1
  • Alchemist Pouches Shelf x1
  • Alchemist Potion Shelf Wood x1
  • Alchemist Potion Shelf Metal x1
  • Alchemist Soap Display Scattard x1
  • Alchemist Soap Display Neat x1
  • Alcehmist Book Shelf x1
  • Alchemist Scroll Display x1
  • Alchemst Jar Shelf x1
  • Alchemist Spices Display x1
  • Alchemists Counter x1

Blacksmiths Furnishings

  • Blacksmiths Kitchen Units x1
  • Blacksmiths Bed x1
  • Blacksmiths Standing Shelf x1
  • Blacksmiths Fireplace x1
  • Blacksmiths Toolbox x1
  • Blacksmiths Tanning Rack x1
  • Blacksmiths Stove x1
  • Blacksmiths Weapon stall Type 1 x1
  • Blacksmiths Weapon stall Type 2 x1
  • Blacksmiths Fuel box Wood x1
  • Blacksmiths Fuel box Coal x1

Tavern Furnishings

  • Tavern Barrel Single x1
  • Tavern Barrel Stack Type 1 x1
  • Tavern Barrel Stack Type 2 x1
  • Tavern Barrel Stack Type 3 x1
  • Tavern BarTavern Bar Stool x4
  • Tavern Fireplace x1
  • Tavern Bed x4
  • Tavern Comfy Chair x2
  • Tavern Bath x1
  • Tavern Table Square x2
  • Tavern Table Rectangle x1
  • Tavern Wardrobe x4
  • Tavern Keg Shelf x1
  • Tavern Stove x1

The Bridge Furnishings

  • Bridge Barricade Type 1 x1
  • Bridge Barricade Type 2 x1
  • Bridge Barricade Type 3 x1
  • Bridge Lemon the Troll x1
  • Bridge Telescope x1
  • Bridge Cooking pot x1
  • Bridge Traveling Wagon x1
  • Bridge Treasure Chest x1
  • Bridge Crossbow Rack x1
  • Bridge Gondala x1


*The Familiars shown are not included in this pack.

The Mega Town Bundle

Expected to ship by the end of December.
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