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Looming in the distance on the outskirts of town are its great walls. These walls provide protection for all of those who live within. They also deter any away who would wish to cause harm to those it protects. Over many a century have great masons and warlords congregated to produce such wonders. Structures as high as buildings, built to withstand the onslaught of entire army's have been no easy feat. Even more so is the speed in which great walls have been constructed. Thanks to their modular designs, gifted down from renowned masons and architects. This allows all towns to easily establish their own town walls. Today when you glance upon the great walls you will see a collection of stones that have been gathered together in its construction forming its tall and wide body. Its Main gate, which holds the entrance beneath the bridge that leads over it, shines a purely strong motif of metal that is laid upon its tough oaken body. Along the town walls lies bound and twisted sets of rope ladders granting guards access to its high walls. The top of these walls have guards pacing steadily up and down its long stretches of patterned stone flooring, an have done so for many years and will likely proceed to do so for many more to come.

Town Walls (STL)

  • Printable supportless in both FDM and Resin.

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