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The Alchemists playable building features 1 floor with 3 entrances and multiple windows showcasing potions.

The 28mm Playable with Furnishings comes with x1 of each of the furnishings shown.

The 14mm and 28mm version are solid non-playable models.



Click below for product story.

A place that many adventurers have found themselves visiting often is no other than the Alchemists. A place that specializes in the mastery of alchemical remedies and concoctions for a multitude of situations. This alchemists takes pride in the work they provide to the local settlers. They show this by elevating a selection of potions up around the shop windows for passers by looking in, hoping to catch the attention of potential customers. Unlike many stores in town the alchemists building structure has ringed large big windows around the whole building only separated by the doors to which grant entry. There are three of these doors an they are situated at the sides and front of the building at the top of a small set of stone stairs, each door has been crafted with long vertical planks of soft wood and showcases a beautifully crafted widow framed in the shape of a potion.

Zaris's Alembic Solutions

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