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This 1 floor playable blacksmiths building features a stall front built within its circular unique exterior and a huge central forge.

The 28mm Playable with Furnishings comes with x1 of each of the furnishings shown.

The 14mm and 28mm version are solid non-playable models.



Click below for product story.

Nothing rings the ears like the striking sound of hammer to anvil. Nothing singes the nostrils like the smell of fresh burning embers from a forge. Nothing reeks of as much sweat and a hard days work quite like a blacksmiths. For thousands of years adventurers and warriors alike have gathered around the great forges of the world. Where masters of iron and steel have honed there renowned talents, to craft impeccable weapons and armor for the most daring and strongest adventurers. This blacksmiths in particular is very proud of the work they do and wish to share there talents with the locals. They have made there very home a monument of the town by merging the forge in which they work into the structure of there house itself. This is a staggering eye piece for all who lay eyes upon it. An amalgamation of house, hearth and forge. Laid out in front of the anvil, forge and quenching basin lies 2 small stalls for which the blacksmith sells their works whilst building more. One such masterpiece is a huge greatsword that lies against the building next to the sharpening stone although no warrior has been able to wield its power yet.

Zoboorol's Hammer and Steel

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