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Playable Tower of Time 28mm

The Tower of time is a large 6 floor playable building featuring 2 giant clocks at the top on each side of the tower. The tower comes in 3 differnt versions. The standard version features all parts of the playable tower shown in the main image, 12 parts total. The Dice tower Version turns some of those 12 parts into dice tower compatible parts allowing for a dice to travel through the tower and the bridge section of the tower is turned into a dice tray. The broken floors version comes with a broken floor version of the 1st, 2nd ,3rd, 4th, and clock room floors allowing you to chose whether or not you want that floor broken.

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Time. A gift for some, a curse to others. Either way it has no enemies and keeps no friends, it just, is. Whilst its pace never changes it always seems to run away, or get lost. For this very reason people have chosen to keep an eye on time closely. Very closely. At all...times. The Clock tower is a great way to do this. No matter who is nearby they will always be able to watch it ticking away, keeping track of the day. Daunting, peaceful, stressful and organized. Who ever it is that keeps the clock ticking has a great duty to keep it that way. Controling the flow of time to all the people below. Not litterally of course. Controlling time itself would carry such a burdon, it would crush the person whos shoulders it sat upon. Although...The man who runs the surely not. Mr Tock? Could it be your two hands on the clock that point at time to decide it.

Playable Tower of Time 28mm

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