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Summer's Bridge

Summer's Bridge features 3 main archways connecting two hills of land together. Positioned at one end of the bridge is a guard tower. The 28mm Playable with Furnishings comes with x1 of each of the furnishings shown. This Does include Lemon the Troll and the Traveling wagon with 2 horses. The 14mm and 28mm version are solid non-playable models.




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Rolling valley's and hills exist in most kingdoms. You will likely find them divided via beautiful winding rivers and glistening streams. Locals who live nearby these flowing waters require ways to cross them an they do so by traversing over a bridge. Our bridge in particular features 3 main arches, to allow the water to flow through uninterrupted. These archways also allow small boats to pass through unobstructed. Some say that creatures can also be found making a home of there own under the shelter of the bridge, or at least a means of getting out of the rain. The bridge has 2 large banks leading up to its main walkway from either side, and is built from a vast selection of brick work and stones. The small stone slab paving that runs from one end of the bridge to the other provides an ideal path for wagons and people wanting to cross. Lay across the top of the bridge's sides are 2 rows of lanterns. The nearby guards light them at night to shine way on the crossing path over the river, giving safe passage. These guards are post within the small watch tower at one end of the bridge. This tower has a wonderful view of anyone wanting to cross under the welcoming sign on the other end of the bridge.

Summer's Bridge

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